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Download Tiny Tunes APK Latest Version For Android, iOS & PC

Tiny Tunes allows you to play, share and download music from various sources for free. Thanks to this application, managing music files becomes much more comfortable. Just one click to listen or download your favourite song. Download Tiny Tunes and download and play free music without restrictions.

Playing music does not work correctly? Here are the main reasons:

  1. Check the internet connection because a weak link may prevent you from using TinyTunes
  2. The wifi hotspot is configured incorrectly
  3. Lack of Internet in a mobile device. The application requires the internet connection to work properly

Thanks to Tiny Tunes APK, you do not need to have Internet access to play music anywhere. Just download the mp3 file and save it on your mobile device to play it at any time without access to the Internet

tinytunes apk

Tiny Tunes APK 1.8.1 – The Only Music App You’ll Ever Need

If you can not imagine life without listening to music, downloading this application is the best solution. You pay nothing and use without restrictions and unnecessary advertisements. Tiny Tunes earlier was called TinyShark. Because the application has been removed from the official Google Play and App Store, you must download it from an independent source such as this page. Here you can safely download the APK file for free.

Tiny Tunes was initially built for mobile devices with android system. Any phone with Android 2.3 Gingerbread or higher can use this application. The creator of the app makes sure that everything works correctly because it always releases updates that can be downloaded on our website. Each new version has new versions, so it is worth updating applications.

File type.apk
File Size12.8 MB
Requires Android Version4.0 or above
Package namecom.tdo.tinytunes
Download Time30sec
UpdatedJan 03, 2019
FeaturesFree music

To use the Tiny Tunes application on your mobile device, you must follow three simple steps:

  1. Download the Tiny Tunes installation file from this page
  2. After downloading the file, locate it and then run the installation
  3. After installing, open the application
  4. From now you can use Tiny Tunes without restrictions

Tiny Tunes

Tiny Tunes apk

If the installation was unsuccessful, enable installation of apps from “unknown sources”. To do this, enter the settings of the phone and allow this option.

download Tiny Tunes apk

Tiny Tunes android

How to use the Tiny Tunes function?

After completing the installation and starting the application for the first time, you will be taken to the main menu. Three tabs are available: Settings menu, search and the main menu. There is also a side menu here.

The main menu contains music lists, a download library and a playback menu.

Thanks to the search menu, you will quickly find your favourite songs, albums and artists you like

Tiny Tunes android download

The settings menu allows you to configure all application settings. With it, you can set the “automatic check” of the update. Thanks to this function, the application will download updates if it appears.

Tiny Tunes android download

How do I change the download location if the device memory is already full?

The mp3 files are saved in a place that was set by the application by default. It can be embarrassing if we have limited memory on the mobile device. To change the location of downloaded files, enter the application settings. Then go to the “download location” tab and change to the selected folder. Data can be downloaded to external memory (SD card)

How do I search for a favourite song/album or artist?

tinytunes apk

To search for your favourite songs, open the search menu. Enter the title of the song, the name of the album or the name of the artist. If the application did not find what you were looking for, make sure that the keyword was entered correctly. If you still do not have what you were looking for, it means that the application does not have a given song in its database.

download tinytunes apk

Browse music trends and new songs using Tiny Tunes

apk tinytunes

In the main menu, there is a tab called “Trends”. Using it, we can check the latest songs or music albums that have become popular.

apk tiny tunes

With this feature, you can browse, for example, the 100 best music tracks or the top 50 tracks of the day. This is an excellent option for someone who likes to follow trends in the music industry.

tinytunes app

tinytunes download

How do you check and manage the download progress in TinyTunes?

To check the progress of downloading files, go to the main menu and then to the “Download” tab. There you will find a list of your download queue and download progress. You can stop or pause the download of any file at any time.

app tiny tunes

How do I view all downloaded songs?

To view the list of songs that we have downloaded to the device’s memory, go to the main menu and then to the “library” tab. In this menu, you will see the entire list that was downloaded. You can manage the whole library, delete files or add to the playlist.

download tinytunes

How do you play music and manage a playlist?

To manage a playlist, go to the main menu and then to the “play” tab. You can find the list of currently playing music here. With this feature, you can create your unique playlist with your favourite music. The application has all the highlights from well-known apps such as Spotify.

tiny tunes app download

Features of Tiny Tunes Apk:
  • The application searches several servers at the same time to find the song you are looking for
  • The speed of loading the application after it has been launched has been fixed. Older versions would have a problem with too long loading the main menu
  • For each file added information and size and bitrate in which it is played. Bitrate testifies to the quality of the MP3 file.
  • The latest version fixes issues related to the suspension of the application or the lack of response to clicks.
  • The application uses the search engine from Google by default. The browser can be freely changed
  • The search option has the option of sorting by title, size and bit rate
  • After downloading songs to the internal memory, the application allows you to create a play queue. Create playlists and decide in which order songs should be played
  • Search for the best songs/albums and performers in many genres.
  • Download all available songs. The choice is at your fingertips to listen to songs online from the stream (requires internet connection) or listen to it offline, downloading and saving to the device.